Best E Cigarette Liquid Flavors

Composition of E-liquid


The fluid which is the basis of the production of steam in E-SIgaretten is called e-e-liquid. The market of electronic cigarettes offer a variety of e-liquids so broad that it can often leave people confused that how to start using them. Among the variables that drive the buyer towards choosing a particular e-e-liquid, two are more important: the level of nicotine concentration and the kind of taste.

In e-e-liquids for E-SIgaretten there are three basic components.

1.    Glycerin plant, which emphasizes good hit produced by nicotine, and that is a product commonly used in many drugs and confectionery products.
2.    Propylene glycol, which gives the e-liquid a good smoke, and which is also abundantly used in the pharmaceutical and confectionery.
3.    Water, which is demineralized and used in proportions quite contained to reduce the otherwise excessive viscosity of the other two substances.
4.    Along with these elements, which form the one that from now on we define as "base", there is also a certain amount of nicotine that varies depending on the needs, and aromas, which make this experience more engaging and enjoyable.


Tastes can be balmy, fruity, creamy and tobaccos: these are the main categories, but there are other types depending on your preferences.

Specifically, then, there are two types of e-liquid: premixed e-e-liquids and those you prepare by yourself

Many users of E-SIgaret usually buy ready-made e-liquid, with the concentration of nicotine and flavorings which are already mixed. Of course this is the most practical, since it does not involve any effort, except to open the container and refill electronic cigarette occasionally. The -e-liquid already made normally found with nicotine concentrations ranging between 6mg / ml, 9 mg / ml, and 18 mg / ml. These numbers indicate the amount of milligrams of nicotine present in each milliliter of solution. This means that an e-liquid to 9 mg / ml has a nicotine concentration of 0.9%. The concentration of nicotine varies from person to person, for those who have just given up regular cigarettes is encouraged to try 18:09 mg / ml.


The second choice is to buy the e-liquid base for E-SIgaret and mix the nicotine and aroma according to our choice. It can be more affordable. You can choose up to 18mg/ml of nicotine to add into your E-SIgaret. The aromas are concentrated essences and therefore cannot be used pure but should be diluted. General guidelines for proper dilution is a drop of aroma per ml of e-liquid base. Some of those who require an increase amount of drops recommended always better not to exceed 3 drops per ml.

Now you have adequate knowledge about e-e-liquid, all you have to do is to visit an online or offline store to buy the one which meets your taste.

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