Guide for the New Users of E-Sigaretten


The e-sigaret, the mysterious object increasingly discussed, is nothing but a mini-electronic inhaler.

It has the same operating principle of a common system for aerosol which you can find in any pharmacy. A difference from the latter, however is to obtain a fine steam and entirely similar to the smoke of a conventional cigarette, evaporates (or atomized) the e-liquid commanding an electric resistance attached to a battery. In fact, the e-sigaretten does not produce smoke.


The e-sigaretten was born as an aid for smokers who have decided to stop with cigarettes or drastically reduce the number of cigarettes smoked daily.

The purpose of the e-sigaretten is to "imitate" a cigarette smoker giving the sensations similar to those you have with traditional cigarettes, but without danger to our health and in much lower price. It's up to each of you to decide whether to phase out the e-sigaretten and even stop altogether, or to convert to something healthier without taking off the pleasure of smoking.

Why it works?

It works because it mimics the feeling that the smoker tries, namely the shot in the throat, the taste, the smoke, the nicotine (which may be present in amounts ranging from high to nothing), but without combustion. The e-sigaret is also called "vaporizer" because it does nothing but heat an e-liquid, composed of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (both virtually harmless and used for some time in the food and cosmetics) so until it becomes steam. The smoker has a cigarette which acts like a "traditional" but it does not hurt, does not cause yellow teeth, does not stink environments and clothes and especially not a carcinogen.

How does it work?

The battery supplies the necessary energy to the atomizer to evaporate the e-liquid contained in the cartridge-tank which you have previously loaded.

How to use?

Screw the atomizer to the battery (charge), after loading the empty cartridge with the e-liquid you have chosen (with or without nicotine) and cartridge is read to use.

How long it lasts?

In terms of components, the batteries last for hundreds of refills. Each cartridge can be refilled dozens of times, as long as you do not wear or damage the plastic material of the same. The atomizer is the component which has the shortest life; It depends on the type of atom (at low or high resistance) and by the correct use of the same. If you turn too often without sufficient e-liquid supply, it last a few days, but if utilized at best can last a few months.

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